Unified Solutions

True site intelligence transforms what once were isolated components into coordinated solutions that provide greater functionality at lower net cost. Formerly separate systems are unified, including video surveillance, people counting, personnel management, bar code scanners, and environmental sensors. These unified solutions combine to make the shopping experience easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

Loss Prevention

The Video Management Software and  IP cameras are tailored to retail store deployments. Costs of licensing,  maintenance and site infrastructure are reduced.

Customer Experience

Shoppers benefit from easy access to product information and special offers. Self-checkout to reduces queue-time at billing counters. Handheld devices also providing on-call assistance. Since the shopper is in more control and has a running total of all items selected, shoppers tend to make more complete, better planned trips to the store, resulting in an increased basket size.

Operational Efficiency

Since the sensor and end device infrastructure operates over a ZigBee® wireless network, configuration and modification of the system is greatly simplified.

Workforce Management

The intelligent store infrastructure also enables tools for task delegation to associates. Sensor-based, self-checkout, and people-counting technologies automate mundane tasks while enhancing verifiability of data. For example, audits of the temperature of cold cases, chillers, and refrigerators can be eliminated. This allows staff to be deployed in areas that enhance the customer experience.

Easy Adoption

The solution is easy to retrofit. With low setup costs and unified infrastructure, the return on investment is very rapid. Our established installation partners are ready to help in all aspects of deployment.

Room to Grow

The scalability of IP video and ZigBee® wireless technologies coupled with a solid solution integration approach offer the capability to address multiple challenges faced by retailers for years to come. Our team will continue to build newer and smarter products and solutions.

Continued Improvements

We believe that technology coupled with a solution integration approach will address multiple challenges faced by retail stores. The RSI team will continue to build newer and smarter products to integrate with the solution. The process is continuous with feature requests and client feedback playing a major role in defining the solution roadmap.